The desfinations arowd the palace will appeal ro every individual interest and age group from the City Palace for the history entbusiash, the Kailadevi Temple and the Madan Mohan ji temple with its unforgettable evening aarti for the spiritually inclined; and safaris in the Kailadevi Sanctuary and the Chambal river area for the nature lovers.

The Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, named after the greatly revered temple dedicated to our family deity-the goddess Kailadevi is 21 km from the palace. Falling within the buffer zone of the Ranthambore National Park, it is privy to occassional tiger sightings, besides being home to an abundance of other species  including sloth bears, multitudinous varieties of deer such as the nilgai, sambhar and cheetal,  striped hyena and indian porcupine.

The undulating vastness, chequered with the green and brown hues of the local deciduous vegetation the dhok, euphorbia and ber is characterised by precipitous drops into spectacular river gorges and ravines known as khos.

The khos are rich in biodiversity, and were, in fact maintained by the former rulers as hunting reserves or shikaargahs.

Hunting today, has thankfully been replaced by our infinitely more exciting jeep safaris that let you experience this breathtaking natural loveliness at close quarters.          


Avail of our safari packages for a drive with quaint local hamlets and verdant hillocks on either side of your vehicle culminating with a meal amidst the luxuriant, almost primeval wilderness.


The ancient  Kailadevi Temple, 21 km from Bhanwar Vilas is among the most revered temples in North India drawing almost sixty  lakhs  of pilgrims annually, especially around February, March-April and September-October when the vivid, exuberant Cattle fair, the   Kailadevi Chaitra fair and the  Navratra fair respectively  take place.