Organic farming 

The gracious colonial lineaments of your rooms flow seamlessly into the  verdant Arcadian landscape dotted with our small-scale and sustainable organic farms. We realize that to truly respect your repast you must first have a complete tactile, visual and olfactory experience of its ingredients in their purest and most elemental stage so that your bond with food in terms of both sustenance and taste is as organic as our farming techniques. We do away with the dubious over-processing that  plagues both food and belly to present luscious,  wholesome vegetables that reach your table fresh from our farms. Take a stroll through the lush fields, pick seasonal vegetables if you can't resist the temptation and watch as they transform into traditional delicacies in our cooking demonstrations.

The Palace Dairy

All dairy products from your chilled  cafe au lait to the traditional sweets like kheer are prepared with milk with from our own dairy which boasts happy well-fed cows, nourished on home-grown fodder which is free from insecticides and pesticides. Injected hormones are a strict no, as we believe that efficent verterinary systems,  clean spacious sheds and good caretakers are enough to ensure high milk production. Take a tour through a our dairy to find out how truly soothing the sight of peacefully ruminating cattle can be! 


Equestrian Activities

Our magnificent Marwari horses, bred not for sale, but as a result of the keen equestrian  interest of the owner-Maharaja Krishna Chandra Pal are available for rides. Gentle and intelligent, the horses are entirely suited to a stately gait or a brisk trot or canter around the grounds.

Cooking Demonstrations

Gastronomy is an experience that extends far beyond the tummy, it is an all encompassing sensory and sensual phenomenon. Our cooking demonstrations which focus on regional specialties give you an incredible cultural insight (food being the most significant marker of  people's lives and histories) and enable you to replicate traditional recipes back in your own home. Being involved in the process of gastronomic artistry from creation to consumption gives ypu time to appreciate the effort that goes into each traditional dish placed before you-so each bite is savoured with a renewed sense of luxury.