Kailadevi National Park
Kaila Devi National Park is named locally after the famous Kaila Devi Temple it is situated 25 Km from Karauli city. The park is also a part of the project tiger and it’s a buffer zone to Ranthambore National park.

The typical feature of the sanctuary Numerous Khos or deep gorges breaking the ground. These several hundred feet deep Khos inside the Khos there is rich and dense forest which shelters and rests a lot of wild animals.

Kaila Devi Highland forest undergoes unbelievable dynamic changes with season, its all lush green during the monsoon. The ground cover turns into carpet of bright ststras color after the monsoon. The forest canopy is mix of various hues coppery being predominated till late winter.

The river Banas touches the western tip of the sanctuary, while the river chambal flows along the south – east, forming a natural boundary.

Among mammals Chinkara, wild bore, jackal can be seen very commonly in morning and late afternoon. Leopard, Sloth bear, Hyena, wolf and sambhar sightings can be seen and of course tiger continues its secretive existence.

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